Freelance illustration and animation artist. Based in Kyoto, Japan since 2016. Her works are known for movements reminiscent of celluloid animation, a gentle and colorful palette and characters drawn with soft lines. In addition to her independent projects, she has worked on various client works, including flier design and music video production.


  • Enrolled in Kyoto City University of Arts


  • Video “We Love Each Other” independent production


  • Collection of poetry “Kuchibiru ga Akaku Nakereba (If Lips Were Not Red)”
    Selected for the Bungeisha Contemporary Poetry Award’s Prize of Excellence
  • Poems from the collection were published in the anthology “Each Other’s Contemporary Poetry 2019” (November) *available for purchase
  • Posted miscellaneous poems and drawings on social media


  • Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, Department of Conceptual Design (March)
  • Picture book “Ato de Dēto demo Doukashira (How about a date later?)” 
    Winner of The 2nd annual izure grand prize (April)
    • The book was later compiled with past works and published as ebook “kaorikid short stories” (September) *Still on sale
  • Publishing of picture book magazine “The Package Ribbon” (November)
  • Small solo exhibition “お話から覗く愛しい世界 (A Dear World Through Stories)” (December 3-28)


  • Posted miscellaneous poems and drawings on social media (February)
  • Official start of career under the name kaorikid (April 11)
  • Art / video production for song “Crying Over Moonlight feat. Shetonayui / DJ HASEBE” 
  • Animation “Phases”
    Selected for The Moon Art Contest
  • Art production for song “#Follow me feat. MAE / AZU”
  • Participated in exhibition “The Moon Art Contest” (October 9-24) 


  • Romance Creation a.a.c. Solo Exhibition 2 “Tsuki to Taiyou no Ohanashi (Story of the Moon and Sun)” (February 21-March 6)
  • Participated in group exhibition “Book Lovers” (March 2-27)
  • Illustrations for the YouTube channel “Living in japan” (March)
  • Part-time lecturer of video production at Kyoto Institute of Design’s Visual Design Course  (April 2022 – present)
  • Registered as an Animade creator (June 2022 – present)
  • Participated in Adobe Japan Prerelease program (June 2022 – March 2023)
  • Animation “Sonne and Mond”
    • Selected for the Growing Up Film Festival Tsurukawa Short Movie Contest 2022
  • Animation in collaboration with Theater Company Mikeneko-za “The day was a white haze” (December)


  • Production of 2 privately solicited welcome boards
  • Animation “Rirakkusu mōdo no Watashi ni Henshin ⭐️彡 (Transformation: Relax Mode)”
    • Winner of the CHILL OUT Award (CHILL OUT Creative Award 2022: Movie Division)
  • Animation “The day was a white haze” (Theater Company Mikeneko-za x kaorikid)
    • Selected, Ibaraki Film Arts Festival 2022
    • Invited to Japan Film Fest Hamburg, Germany,through recommendation from the Jimbocho Movie Festival 2022 
    • Candidate for a category award at the TKFFC Animation Competition
    • Selected and screened at Seisho Cinema Fes 6th (March 25)
  • Animation “Phases”
    • Winner of PARADISE WALL ART 2023, Xfolio Award
  • MV “Chuudokusei no Chu” Surii
    • Participated as an animation assistant for Tasoya Maro (released in July)

Natsume-poko & kaorikid two-person exhibition “Seikatsu To Romansu (Life and Romance)” (September 27~October 2)

Theater and Exhibitions (planning, organizing or assisting)


  • Member of Theater Company Mikeneko-za, 2017 ~ March 2022. Active roles in production, performance, video editing, etc.


  • Curatorial assistant for Rui Sakurai × Zhdanova Alina’s two-person exhibition “Yurayura Yureru Kioku to Konseki (Fluctuating Memories and Traces)” (September 1~25)